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International Weeks against Racism
Heidelberg - 2022

We'll be there!

April 06, 2022 - 7:00 P.M. (19:00 - CET)

Presentation and Discussion:

All about

Humanitarian Cartography

and OpenStreetMap

On-line (via Zoom) and Live (at the Volkshochschule HD)

Languages: English and German

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LECLARA Larabanga is an organization of local activists in the town of Larabanga, in the Savannah Region of Ghana. They pursue a number of goals important for development in Larabanga, both cultural and educational.

Since 2006, (together with the current Project Director of MAMAPA), much has been accomplished for primary and secondary schooling (Project “LIEI”), with a particular emphasis on offering educational opportunities for young girls in the village.

Located a few kilometers from Mole National Park and home to a Mosque and Koran dating from the 15th/16th centuries, Larabanga has exceptional touristic potential. Since 2016, to spur local development, LECLARA has been involved in building an infrastructure for sustainable tourism. As well, local youth have found opportunities as trained guides.

Mapping is essential to this effort. With support from CartONG and OSM Ghana and as the recipient of a HOT Microgrant (2018-19) Larabanga and the surrounding area are now completely mapped. At the same time, workshops on OSM mapping techniques and mobile data collection have been held locally for members of LECLARA.

Currently (2020-21) although tourism is (as everywhere else)  “on hold”, up-to-date maps are as well an important tool for defending the health and safety of the population both during the current pandemic and into the future.

For further information, please visit or LIEI (pre-2016) .






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MAPATHON - 28.02.2018

Am Mittwoch, den 28.02.2018, fand der zweite Mapathon in der Projektreihe statt. 17 Migranten/innen und genauso viele Tandem-Partner/innen waren dabei.

Die Mannheimer Abendakademie hat auch diesmal einen PC-Raum zur Verfügung gestellt. Hilfe wurde geleistet von dem Kollektiv "DisasterMappers" des Geografischen Institutes - Uni Heidelberg. Viele Teilnehmer sind eingeschrieben in Sprach- bzw. Integrationskursen an der Abendakademie, dem Goethe-Institut und dem Internationalen Bund in Mannheim.

Alle Teilnehmer haben MissingMaps Task #4121 kartiert: es handelt sich um ein Gebiet im nördlichen Uganda, wo zur Zeit tausende von Flüchtlingen aus dem Kongo ankommen.

Bei diesem Mapathon hatten wir die Presse dabei. Am Samstag, den 10.03.2018 ist ein ausführlicher Artikel in der Mannheimer Morgen erschienen.